In 2012 we changed our store name to MoonPie General Store and the Original Book Warehouse.  Since 1987, we had been selling books and some gifts as Book Warehouse.  Of course with the new name, came changes to the store layout and the product, and we now proudly offer our customers moonpies and moonpie merchandise!  There are normally five flavors of moonpies…chocolate, vanilla, banana, strawberry, and salted caramel.  But once a year the Chattanooga Bakery does a batch of coconut minis for Mardi Gras, and lets the MoonPie General Stores order some for their customers.  The coconut mini is delicious, and some of our staff will tell you it is their favorite flavor!  It has the flavor, but without the grit or chewy texture of coconut!  It does not come in a single or double, and it is for a limited time only.  We just got our last shipment of 60 cases of coconut minis delivered on Friday, April 6th.  Enough to probably last us through April, we hope, and possibly into early May.  Come by for a visit and ask us if you may have a free sample…we’ll probably say “yes.” We’ll also say “thank you” for visiting our store!  (P.S.  We also have orange minis for a limited time!)

Michael Beagan

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